Elder Care Resources

Our Elder Care Library provides information on a wide variety of elder care topics, providers and local resources.

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Care and Support Services

Our care supports the optimal health, daily needs and desires of each of our elder clients.

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Family Learning Center

Online training courses on caregiving, Alzheimer’s and Memory care for the
family caregiver.

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Our goal is to improve the safety, comfort,
 health and quality of life
 for seniors in the Bay Area.

We provide care and support services for seniors who wish to remain in their homes but may need additional assistance to be safe, active and happy. We also provide education for families who want to understand how to care for their senior family member, and better understand all the available options to ensure he or she is receiving the best possible care and support - within budget.

Our one-to-one “at-home” assisted living and care is very personalized and can provide many benefits. We believe elder care education for the family is an important element of this care, and therefore make every effort to provide valuable educational offerings, as well as referrals to online community resources and elder care providers.

Our Family Learning Center is provided as a free community service offering with 50+ online courses on caregiving, including more than 20 courses on Alzheimer’s and memory care.

We view the opportunity to provide education, care services and helpful provider referrals as a privilege. For us, there is nothing more rewarding than helping seniors and their families in a way that may enhance their overall well being and enjoyment of life.

Let us know how we can help.

We understand the concerns which arise when an elder family member needs additional care or has a health crisis. Deciding if or when to have care in the home, what type of care is best and how much care is required can be difficult.

Download the Family Needs Assessment Worksheet which helps to clearly identify your loved one’s care and support needs and provides a wonderful home safety checklist.

We can also help with referrals to Bay Area resources and providers and further explain our options for care, so you can be informed on the best, least cost approach for providing the care and support a loved one may need.

Please take advantage of the resources on our site and don’t hesitate to call or email us at care@seseneldercare.com if you have questions or need more information.

Family Care Information

Family Learning CenterFamily Needs Assessment

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