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Read More >Seniors and Adult Children Under One Roof

With crushing student loans and an economy that doesn't offer enough job opportunities, college graduates and even older adult children are moving back home with mom and dad in record numbers.

Read More >How to Get the Most Out of Support Groups: Seniors and Caregivers

Support groups for almost any condition or situation can be found to help the individual and the families who are dealing with a problem. Emotional and practical support is offered through an exchange of information by participants and/or guidance by a professional.

Read More >How Seniors Can Handle Widowhood, Divorce and Remarriage Issues

Widowhood, divorce or remarriage in the senior years is a huge transition for the senior and the family members. Not everyone adjusts at the same rate and often help is needed to make the transition a smooth one.

Read More >Transitioning Roles from Parent to Adult Child – Adapting to a Reversed Way of Life

A handout on the challenges of reversing the role between parent and child.

Read More >Why Seniors are Moving from Institution Back Home

The U.S. Congress authorized the MFP as part of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. MFP was designed to assist states in rebalancing their long-term care systems and help Medicaid enrollees transition out of institutions and back to their communities.

Read More >Home care services: Questions to ask

Find an appropriate in-home care service for your needs using this list of questions and considerations.

Read More >Better Care for Seniors with In-Home Medical Technology

Seniors experience better health care results thanks to a medical devices brought into the home which communicates with doctors and family members.

Read More >The Consumers Guide to Home Safety for Seniors

Create a safe and functional home environment for yourself or a loved one with this comprehensive guide of home improvements, tips to finding the right contractor, checklists for safety improvements for every room.

Read More >Relief for Caregivers

Improve the lives of caregivers and seniors with the support of adult day care. Get to know how the senior in your care can have a good experience in this growing segment of the senior care market.

Read More >The Right Way to Find Homecare for a Senior

An adult child who is caring for an aging parent may suddenly find that the job of caregiving is too much to handle. The senior parent may abruptly need someone with them during longer periods of the day and night. In this situation, the adult child often seeks a person to provide home health care assistance.

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