Senior Housing

Read More >The Consumers Guide to Seniors Housing

Locating the best senior housing solution for your loved one encompasses factors from financial limitations, lifestyle goals, level of care needed and the amount of familial support. The Senior Housing Guide provides a detailed look at these factors and offers steps for putting together a housing plan that will give the individual the highest quality of life.

Read More >State of the Senior Housing Industry Report

As professionals in the senior housing industry plan for what the future looks like, the rules of the past may not apply to this new generation of seniors. This report provides a look at new regulatory changes, recent statistics, current trends, and related market research to help senior housing industry professionals understand the retirement goals of senior citizens and to forecast a solid plan for future company growth.

Read More >Nursing Home Checklist

A straightforward list of questions to ask of nursing homes and useful tips that give you a better perspective of what to look for as you compare them.

Read More >Homesharing for Seniors

A new income and/or companion option for seniors is to share their homes with other seniors or people who can help them with their care needs. ‘Match up programs’ are helping seniors find the right complement to their situations. See how this might benefit someone you know.

Read More >Senior Housing - What You Need to Know Booklet

Easily match the care needs of the individual to the different types of senior housing options by using this chart It displays plainly each category of care and what level of support is offered at each type of facility.

Read More >How to Cope Successfully During a Senior Move

Leaving your old home and moving to a new one is stressful under the best conditions, but for seniors moving can be especially difficult.

Read More >Seniors and Adult Children Under One Roof

With crushing student loans and an economy that doesn't offer enough job opportunities, college graduates and even older adult children are moving back home with mom and dad in record numbers.

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